From 2019 to 2022, I had the distinct honor of curating a series of exceptional posters for the esteemed Amgen in the United States. This dynamic project centered around the creation of sketchnote posters, meticulously tailored to enhance their captivating Innovation Squared podcasts. These posters, akin to visual symphonies, seamlessly encapsulate the intricate tapestry of dialogues that unfolded during these enlightening podcast discussions.
Structured as a captivating interplay between two accomplished professionals, these podcasts present a unique format where personal experiences intertwine with professional wisdom. The sketchnote posters themselves serve as intricate choreographies, ingeniously weaving together poignant quotes, pivotal insights, and my own artistic interpretations. This harmonious fusion of elements creates a visual masterpiece that not only resonates aesthetically but also serves as a powerful conduit for profound learning.
Anchored in the remarkable juxtaposition of an Amgen employee and a visionary from a diverse industry – be it a toy maker or even an astronaut – these posters offer an unparalleled opportunity for engagement and enlightenment. As a cherished takeaway for those who engaged with the podcasts, they facilitate an immersive journey into the realms of innovation, life experience, and wisdom. These thoughtfully crafted pieces stand as beacons of insight, enriching the intellectual tapestry of all who seek to explore the uncharted territories of knowledge and creativity.
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