In 2021, I had the remarkable opportunity to contribute to BBC Sounds by crafting a sketchnote poster that captured the essence of the insightful talk presented by Hetdon Prowse, titled "Going Green." This compelling conversation delved into the subject of major corporations and their adherence, or lack thereof, to environmentally conscious commitments.
Elegantly intertwining engaging illustrations with pivotal insights, this sketchnote poster serves as a dynamic visual embodiment of the discourse. Designed as a meticulously thought-out piece, it encapsulates a wealth of information in an effortlessly accessible format. A true testament to its significance, it resonates as a valuable keepsake for all who engaged with the talk, offering a tangible means to revisit the enlightening discussion.
Beyond its role as a memento, this poster possesses an inherent potential to resonate widely on social media platforms. Its captivating blend of creative illustrations and essential content transforms it into a powerful tool for sharing. By distilling complex ideas into an accessible and visually compelling format, it transcends its physical form to become a conduit for spreading awareness and initiating meaningful conversations about sustainability and corporate responsibility.
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