In 2022, I had the distinct pleasure of crafting a compelling social media poster for The Open University. This poster served to promote an online lecture by Grace Blakeley, focusing on the theme of "rebooting hope." The lecture thoughtfully explored the powerful intersections of inequality, climate issues, and representation that are shaping our society.
Elevated by engaging illustrations and pivotal insights, this poster artfully captures the essence of Grace Blakeley's discourse. A concise visual encapsulation, it stands as an invaluable takeaway for all who engaged with the lecture, offering a concentrated glimpse into the multifaceted discussion.
Balancing creativity and essential content, this poster is custom-made for social media sharing. Its striking visual design and succinct depiction of the lecture's significance make it a potent tool for sparking discussions and igniting thoughtful conversations on the profound dynamics influencing our world today.
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