ScribeYak boasts an impressive eight-year track record of skillfully capturing major events, translating them into unforgettable illustrated posters that crystallize the core messages for your audience.
The Challenge - Today's clients seek captivating and memorable event summaries that encapsulate the essence. - Conferences should be riveting, but distilling vast information is challenging. - The event and its crucial messages often fade from memory.
The Solution - Our minds gravitate toward visuals; ScribeYak's skillful scribing captures auditory experiences onto a single canvas. - Visual content, such as videos and illustrations, holds greater allure than words alone. A staggering 66% find it more engaging, while 22% retain information better. - A third-party perspective ensures the audience's perception is faithfully represented, not just the speaker's intention. - Souvenirs should be meaningful recaps of the event.
How ScribeYak Delivers - With a track record of trust from major companies, ScribeYak adeptly captures your central message through intricate illustrations and animations. - Beyond mere drawings, I craft illustrative summaries. My clientele includes esteemed names like The BBC, Elton John, WWF, and Unilever. - With eight years of expertise, I've mastered the art of distilling complexity into engaging scribe illustrations, often partnering with seasoned animators. - My illustrative summaries transcend visuals to become merchandise, granting you rights to a unique piece of art. There's also potential for animating the narrative, adding an extra layer of impact to the story.
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