In 2021, I had the distinct privilege of crafting a remarkable collection of artwork for the renowned Hay Festival, a celebration of literature and ideas. This endeavor involved curating a series of captivating sketchnote posters that meticulously captured the essence of the weekend's transformative talks.
Encompassing a diverse range of luminaries including Gary Young, Noam Chomsky, Richard Osman, Gina Miller, and Jess Phillips, these posters stand as dynamic visual chronicles. Each poster is a harmonious fusion of engaging illustrations and pivotal insights, encapsulating the very heart of the discussions that unfolded.
As cherished mementos for those who were fortunate enough to attend the event, these sketchnote posters offer an immersive journey back to the depth and vibrancy of each talk. By elegantly combining the playfulness of the illustrations with the gravity of the shared wisdom, they serve as enduring tokens of inspiration and enlightenment, truly embodying the spirit of the Hay Festival.
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