In 2021, I had the distinct privilege of crafting a series of captivating social media sketchnotes for the Translucia Metaverse International Forum. This dynamic two-day event delved into the boundless possibilities and future trajectories of the metaverse. Notably, Translucia's pioneering role in metaverse technology, based in Thailand, added a layer of distinction to this enlightening gathering.
Through artful sketchnotes, I distilled the essence of the discussions, transforming complex ideas into visually engaging insights. These sketchnotes serve as treasured snapshots, encapsulating the forward-looking discourse of the forum.
This creative collaboration marries visual artistry with the exploration of innovative concepts. It aligns with Translucia's visionary role in metaverse technology, rendering these sketchnotes a valuable and immersive contribution to the insightful discussions that shaped the event.
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