In 2021, I had the privilege of encapsulating a captivating conversation for the Unthink Tank. Through a meticulously crafted sketchnote poster, I distilled the essence of the talk led by David Birch. This unique visual narrative played a pivotal role in the event centered around the future of money.
Interweaving humorous quotes, pivotal insights, and my illustrative finesse, the poster emerged as a vibrant embodiment of the discussion's core. It stands as a cherished keepsake for listeners, offering a tangible means to revisit the engaging discourse and delve into the wealth of insights shared.
Furthermore, this sketchnote poster transcends its role as a mere documentation; it encapsulates the very spirit of the Unthink Tank's forward-thinking ethos. Its fusion of wit and captivating imagery creates a dynamic tool for conveying the talk's thought-provoking content to a wider audience, amplifying the impact of this illuminating exploration of the future of money.
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